62C - Bus Station - Recreation Grounds

Operated by Arriva Wales

Monday to Friday, school days (not bank holidays)

Bus Station to Recreation Grounds

Upper Bangor, o/s Llys Tryfan 16:25
Upper Bangor, opp Canolfan Hamdden 16:25
Upper Bangor, o/s Canolfan Hamdden 16:25
Upper Bangor, at Bangor Uchaf 16:26
Upper Bangor, opp Look Out 16:28
Bangor, after Coleg Normal 16:30
Menai Bridge Bus Station (at) 16:45
Menai Bridge, opp Glyn Estate 16:46
Menai Bridge, after Fron Farm 16:47
Menai Bridge, o/s Felin Engan 16:48
Llansadwrn Turn (opp Car Dealer) 16:51
Pen-y-garnedd, nr Garnedd Wen 16:53
Rhos Cefn Hir, after Rhoscefnir Turn 16:55
Pentraeth, after Post Office 16:56
Pentraeth Industrial Estate (before) 16:57
Pentraeth, nr Penrallt 16:57
Red Wharf Bay, opp Croesfryn 17:00
Red Wharf Bay, at Llain Delyn 17:01
Red Wharf Bay Saron (before Hotel) 17:01
Benllech, before Parc Bach 17:04
Benllech, o/s Nautilus 17:05
Benllech, after Breeze Hill Hotel 17:05
Benllech Health Centre (after) 17:05
Benllech War Memorial (o/s) 17:06
Benllech, nr Rhostrefor Hotel 17:06
Benllech, nr Refail Newydd 17:06
Benllech, before Y Bont 17:07
Benllech, nr Fair Acre 17:07
Benllech, o/s Ty-Newydd 17:07
Marianglas, before Marian-glas Turn 17:09
Llanallgo, opp Capel Paradwys 17:10
Moelfre, before Nant Bychan Estate 17:11
Moelfre Bus Station (at) 17:12
Moelfre, after Nant Bychan Estate 17:13
Llanallgo, o/s Capel Paradwys 17:13
Rhos Lligwy, opp Pont Lligwy Caravan Park 17:16
Rhos Lligwy, before Fron Lligwy Caravan Park 17:16
Capel Brynrefail (o/s) 17:17
City Dulas, after Pont Dulas 17:19
Llaneuddog, before Llys Dulas Turn 17:20
Gadfa Crossroads (after) 17:22
Penysarn, after Y Bedol 17:23
Penysarn, nr Bron yr Aur 17:23
Penysarn War Memorial (after) 17:24
Cerrig-man, nr Croesau-gwynion 17:24
Cerrig-man Shop (nr) 17:25
Amlwch, o/s Recreation Grounds 17:28

Recreation Grounds to Bus Station

Amlwch, o/s Recreation Grounds 07:49
Amlwch Port, before Penycefn 07:50
Cerrig-man Shop (nr) 07:52
Cerrig-man, nr Croesau-gwynion 07:53
Penysarn War Memorial (before) 07:53
Penysarn, nr Bron yr Aur 07:54
Penysarn, o/s Y Bedol 07:54
Gadfa Crossroads (before) 07:55
Llaneuddog, after Llys Dulas Turn 07:57
City Dulas, after Pont Dulas 07:58
Capel Brynrefail (opp) 07:59
Rhos Lligwy, before Fron Lligwy Caravan Park 08:00
Rhos Lligwy, o/s Pont Lligwy Caravan Park 08:00
Llanallgo, after Capel Paradwys 08:03
Marianglas, after Marian-glas Turn 08:03
Benllech, opp Ty-Newydd 08:04
Benllech, nr Fair Acre 08:05
Benllech, after Y Bont 08:05
Benllech, nr Refail Newydd 08:05
Benllech War Memorial (before) 08:06
Benllech Health Centre (after) 08:06
Benllech, after Breeze Hill 08:07
Benllech, after Parc Bach 08:07
Red Wharf Bay, at Llain Delyn 08:09
Red Wharf Bay, o/s Croesfryn 08:09
Pentraeth, nr Penrallt 08:11
Pentraeth, after Industrial Estate 08:11
Pentraeth, before Post Office 08:12
Rhos Cefn Hir, before Rhoscefnir Turn 08:14
Pen-y-garnedd, nr Garnedd Wen 08:17
Llansadwrn Turn (after) 08:21
Menai Bridge Felin Engan (after Car Dealers) 08:23
Parc Menai, before Ffordd-y-Llyn 08:34
Capel-y-graig Llys Britannia (before roundabout) 08:35
Bangor, o/s Coleg Normal 08:41
Upper Bangor, o/s Look Out 08:43
Upper Bangor, before Belle Vue Hotel 08:44
Upper Bangor, opp Llys Tryfan 08:45
Upper Bangor, o/s Canolfan Hamdden 08:45
Upper Bangor, opp Canolfan Hamdden 08:45
Upper Bangor, o/s Llys Tryfan 08:46
Bangor, o/s Morrisons 08:47
Bangor Railway Station J (after) 08:48
Bangor Ffordd Deiniol (opp ASDA) 08:48
Bangor Bus Station Stand D (at) 08:50

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ACYM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 7 March 2024

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