X1 - Stoke Paradise Road Dhs Boys - Tavistock Bus Station

Operated by Stagecoach South West

Monday to Friday, school days

Stoke Paradise Road Dhs Boys - Tavistock Bus Station

Stoke Paradise Road Dhs Boys (Sch1) 15:35
Stoke Paradise Road (W-bound) 15:36
Stoke Exmouth Road (NE-bound) 15:38
Stoke Stopford Arms (N-bound) 15:38
Stoke Nelson Gardens (N-bound) 15:39
Stoke Indian Inn (NE-bound) 15:41
Stoke Ford Hill (NE-bound) 15:41
Milehouse Road West (NE-bound) 15:43
Milehouse Road East (NE-bound) 15:44
Milehouse Outland Road Church (NE-bound) 15:45
Milehouse Segrave Road (NE-bound) 15:47
Peverell DHS Girls (NE-bound) 15:48
Peverell Onslow Road (NE-bound) 15:49
Peverell Outland Road (NE-bound) 15:50
Hartley St Erth Road (NE-bound) 15:51
Manadon St Boniface College (N-bound) 15:55
Crownhill Low Level (N-bound) 15:56
Crownhill Fort (NE-bound) 15:58
Crownhill Tavistock Road (NE-bound) 15:59
Derriford Windsor House (NE-bound) 16:00
Derriford Tavistock Road (NE-bound) 16:02
Derriford Powisland Drive (NE-bound) 16:04
Southway George Hotel (N-bound) 16:06
Widewell Woolwell Roundabout (N-bound) 16:07
Belliver Roborough Footbridge (N-bound) 16:08
Roborough By-pass (N-bound) 16:09
Roborough Lodge (N-bound) 16:10
Roborough Down (N-bound) 16:11
Clearbrook Maristow Lodge (NE-bound) 16:12
Clearbrook Cross (NE-bound) 16:13
Clearbrook Yeoland Down (NE-bound) 16:16
Yelverton Golf Club Turn (NE-bound) 16:17
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:21
Yelverton Leg O Mutton Inn (NW-bound) 16:22
Horrabridge Toll Gate (NW-bound) 16:24
Horrabridge Manor Garage (NW-bound) 16:25
Horrabridge Bedford Bridge (NW-bound) 16:27
Grenofen Cross (NW-bound) 16:31
Whitchurch Woodtown (NW-bound) 16:33
Tavistock Lidl (NW-bound) 16:34
Tavistock Grenville Drive (N-bound) 16:36
Tavistock School (NW-bound) 16:37
Tavistock Harewood House (NE-bound) 16:37
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 16:38

Tavistock Bus Station - Plymouth City Centre Royal Parade A20

Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 07:20
Tavistock, opp Harewood House 07:21
Tavistock School (SE-bound) 07:22
Tavistock Grenville Drive (S-bound) 07:22
Tavistock, opp Lidl 07:24
Whitchurch Tiddybrook Meadows (SE-bound) 07:25
Whitchurch Woodtown (SE-bound) 07:26
Grenofen Cross (SE-bound) 07:28
Horrabridge Magpie Park (SE-bound) 07:32
Horrabridge Manor Garage (SE-bound) 07:34
Horrabridge Toll Gate (SE-bound) 07:36
Yelverton, opp Leg O Mutton Inn 07:39
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:4107:41
Yelverton, opp Golf Club Turn 07:46
Clearbrook Yeoland Down (SW-bound) 07:47
Clearbrook Cross (SW-bound) 07:50
Clearbrook Maristow Lodge (SW-bound) 07:51
Roborough Down (S-bound) 07:52
Roborough Lodge (opp) 07:53
Roborough Roundabout (S-bound) 07:54
Roborough Bypass (S-bound) 07:5407:54
Belliver Roborough Footbridge (S-bound) 07:5507:55
Widewell Woolwell Junction (SW-bound) 07:5607:56
Southway George Junction (SW-bound) 07:5807:58
Derriford Powisland Drive (SW-bound) 08:0008:00
Derriford Jack Rabbit (SW-bound) 08:0108:01
Derriford Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:0208:02
Crownhill Windsor House (SW-bound) 08:0208:02
Crownhill William Prance Road (SW-bound) 08:0308:03
Crownhill Charlton Road (SW-bound) 08:0408:04
Crownhill Low Level (S-bound) 08:0508:05
Manadon Great Berry Road (S-bound) 08:0608:06
Hartley Superstore (SW-bound) 08:0808:08
Peverell Weston Park Road (SW-bound) 08:0908:09
Peverell Corner (SW-bound) 08:1008:10
Peverell Venn Lane (SW-bound) 08:1108:11
Milehouse Park & Ride (SW-bound) 08:1208:12
Milehouse LC 5 (SW-bound) 08:1308:13
Milehouse Road East (W-bound) 08:1508:15
Milehouse Road West (SW-bound) 08:1608:16
Stoke Ford Hill Top (S-bound) 08:1808:18
Stoke Village (SW-bound) 08:1908:19
Stoke Devonport Road Railway Bridge (S-bound) 08:1908:19
Stoke Astor Hall (S-bound) 08:2008:20
Stoke Exmouth Road (SW-bound) 08:2108:21
Stoke Paradise Road (E-bound) 08:2308:23
Stoke Paradise Road Dhs Boys (E-bound) 08:2408:24
Stoke Wilton Road (NE-bound) 08:2408:24
Stoke Wilton Street Co-op (NE-bound) 08:2608:26
Pennycomequick St Barnabas Court (E-bound) 08:2708:27
Pennycomequick (E-bound) 08:2808:28
Plymouth Railway Station (SE-bound) 08:2908:29
Plymouth Mayflower Street M1 (W-bound) 08:3108:31
Plymouth Western Approach Flats (SW-bound) 08:3208:32
Plymouth Western Approach (Stop 1) 08:3308:33
Plymouth Royal Parade A20 (Stop A20) 08:3608:36

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 14 June 2024

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