6 - Gt Yarmouth,Mkt Gates - Bradwell,Mallard Way

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

Gt Yarmouth,Mkt Gates - Bradwell,Mallard Way

Great Yarmouth Market Gates (Stand B) 08:05then every 30 minutes until17:0518:0018:3019:30
Great Yarmouth, adj Town Hall 08:0717:0718:0218:3119:31
Great Yarmouth, adj Southtown Road 08:0717:0718:0218:3219:32
Great Yarmouth St. Mary's Church (os) 08:0817:0818:0318:3319:33
Great Yarmouth, adj St Marys Lane 08:0917:0918:0418:3319:33
Great Yarmouth, opp Gordon Road 08:1017:1018:0518:3419:34
Great Yarmouth, opp Rumbold Arms 08:1117:1118:0618:3519:35
Great Yarmouth, opp Waveney Road 08:1117:1118:0618:3519:35
Gorleston, opp Alpha Road 08:1317:1318:0818:3619:36
Gorleston, adj Ferry Side 08:1317:1318:0818:3719:37
Gorleston, opp Addison Road 08:1417:1418:0918:3719:37
Gorleston, opp Trafalgar Road 08:1517:1518:1018:3819:38
Gorleston, opp School Lane 08:1517:1518:1018:3919:39
Gorleston Town Centre (S-bound) 08:1717:1718:1218:4019:40
Gorleston, adj Roslyn Road 08:1717:1718:1218:4019:40
Gorleston, adj East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre 08:1817:1818:1318:4119:41
Gorleston, adj The Vetinary Hospital 08:1917:1918:1418:4119:41
Gorleston, adj Kings Road 08:2117:2118:1618:4319:43
Bradwell, adj Chestnut Avenue 08:2117:2118:1618:4319:43
Bradwell, adj Busseys Loke 08:2217:2218:1718:4419:44
Bradwell, adj Widgeon Close 08:2317:2318:1818:4519:45

Bradwell,Mallard Way - Gt Yarmouth,Mkt Gates

Bradwell, adj Widgeon Close 07:2408:24then every 30 minutes until17:2418:1918:4719:47
Bradwell, opp Woodpecker Mews 07:2508:2517:2518:2018:4719:47
Bradwell, opp Curlew Way 07:2608:2617:2618:2118:4819:48
Bradwell, adj Hill House 07:2708:2717:2718:2218:4919:49
Bradwell, opp Millwood Surgery 07:2708:2717:2718:2218:4919:49
Bradwell, adj Kingfisher Avenue 07:2808:2817:2818:2318:5019:50
Bradwell, opp Jasmine Gardens 07:2908:2917:2918:2418:5019:50
Bradwell, opp Laburnum Close 07:3008:3017:3018:2518:5119:51
Bradwell, adj Alder Close 07:3108:3117:3118:2618:5319:53
Bradwell, adj Laurel Drive 07:3208:3217:3218:2718:5419:54
Bradwell, adj Dorothy Avenue 07:3208:3217:3218:2718:5419:54
Bradwell, adj Homefield First School 07:3308:3317:3318:2818:5519:55
Bradwell, opp Chapel Lane 07:3408:3417:3418:2918:5619:56
Bradwell, opp post office 07:3508:3517:3518:3018:5719:57
Bradwell, opp Crab Lane 07:3608:3617:3618:3118:5719:57
Bradwell, opp Chestnut Avenue 07:3708:3717:3718:3218:5819:58
Gorleston, opp Kings Road 07:3808:3817:3818:3318:5919:59
Gorleston, opp The Vetinary Hospital 07:4008:4017:4018:3519:0020:00
Gorleston, opp East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre 07:4108:4117:4118:3619:0120:01
Gorleston, opp Roslyn Road 07:4208:4217:4218:3719:0220:02
Gorleston Town Centre (N-bound) 07:4308:4317:4318:3819:0320:03
Gorleston, adj School Lane 07:4408:4317:4318:3819:0320:03
Gorleston, adj Trafalgar Road 07:4508:4417:4418:3919:0420:04
Gorleston, adj Addison Road 07:4608:4517:4518:4019:0520:05
Gorleston, adj Highfield Road 07:4708:4617:4618:4119:0520:05
Gorleston, adj Alpha Road 07:4808:4717:4718:4219:0620:06
Great Yarmouth, adj Waveney Road 07:4908:4817:4818:4319:0720:07
Great Yarmouth, adj Rumbold Arms 07:5008:4917:4918:4419:0820:08
Great Yarmouth, adj Gordon Road 07:5208:5017:5018:4519:0920:09
Great Yarmouth, adj Anson Road 07:5208:5117:5118:4619:0920:09
Great Yarmouth, adj Station Road 07:5408:5217:5218:4719:1020:10
Great Yarmouth, adj Stonecutters Way 07:5508:5317:5318:4819:1120:11
Great Yarmouth, adj Fitzalan Close 07:5608:5517:5518:5019:1220:12
Great Yarmouth Market Gates (Stand B) 07:5808:5817:5818:5319:1520:15

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