BM24 - Gt Witchingham - Norwich

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Gt Witchingham - Norwich

Lenwade Bernard Matthews (os) 18:0022:15
Taverham, opp Beech Avenue 06:3314:4818:3322:48
Taverham, adj Windsor Chase 06:3514:5018:3522:50
Drayton, adj The Cock 06:3814:5318:3822:53
Hellesdon, opp Hospital 06:4214:5718:4222:57
Hellesdon, adj Asda 06:4414:5918:4422:59
Hellesdon, opp Mercure Hotel 06:4615:0118:4623:01
Norwich, adj Lilian Close 06:4815:0318:4823:03
Mile Cross La,Petrol Sta 06:5015:0518:5023:05
Norwich, adj St Faiths Road 06:5215:0718:5223:07
Norwich, adj Alford Grove 06:5515:1018:5523:10
Heartsease Lane, School 06:5815:1318:5823:13
Norwich, adj The Heartsease 07:0115:1619:0123:16
Norwich, opp St James Close 07:0415:1919:0423:19
Norwich, adj Cowgate 07:0715:2219:0723:22
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 07:1015:2519:1023:25
Barn Road, Cushion 07:1315:2819:1323:28
Norwich Rampant Horse Street (Stop BH) 07:1515:3019:1523:30
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 07:1815:3319:1823:33
Norwich, adj St Annes Church 07:2415:3919:2423:39
Norwich, opp Beverley Road 07:2715:4219:2723:42
Larkman Lane, Aldi 07:3015:4519:3023:45
Norwich, opp Jamieson Place 07:3315:4819:3323:48
New Costessey, opp Breckland Road 07:3515:5019:3523:50
Bowthorpe, adj shopping centre 07:3715:5219:3723:52

Norwich - Gt Witchingham

Bowthorpe, adj shopping centre 04:4212:3016:20
New Costessey, adj Breckland Road 04:4312:3216:22
New Costessey, adj Norwich Road 04:4412:3416:24
Larkman Lane, Aldi 04:4612:3716:27
Earlham, adj Fiveways Bus Shelter 04:4812:4016:30
Norwich, opp Corie Road 04:5012:4316:33
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 04:5512:4916:39
Norwich Rampant Horse Street (Stop BG) 04:5712:5216:42
Barn Road, Cushion 04:5812:5416:44
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 05:0112:5816:48
Norwich, adj Charlton Road 05:0313:0116:51
Norwich, adj St James Close 05:0513:0416:54
Norwich, opp The Heartsease 05:0713:0716:57
Norwich, opp Orchard Close 05:0913:1017:00
Norwich, opp Alford Grove 05:1113:1317:03
Norwich, opp St Faiths Road 05:1313:1617:06
Mile Cross La Petrol Sta 05:1413:1817:08
Norwich, adj Mason Road 05:1513:2017:10
Hellesdon, adj Mercure Hotel 05:1613:2217:12
Hellesdon, opp Asda 05:1713:2417:14
Hellesdon, adj Hospital 05:1913:2717:17
Drayton, opp The Cock 05:2313:3117:21
Taverham, opp Windsor Chase 05:2613:3417:24
Taverham, adj Beech Avenue 05:2813:3617:26
Lenwade Bernard Matthews (os) 05:4613:5517:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

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