X38 - Exeter Bus Station - Buckfastleigh Station Approach

A service operated by Stagecoach South West


Buckfastleigh Station Approach - Exeter Bus Station

Plymouth Royal Parade (Stop A13) 06:3309:3014:5516:35
Plymouth Viaduct (Stop B3) 06:3509:3314:5816:38
Cattedown Friary Park (E-bound) 06:3609:3414:5916:39
Cattedown Roundabout (E-bound) 06:3609:3515:0016:40
Cattedown Higher Stert Terrace (NE-bound) 06:3709:3515:0016:40
Prince Rock Grenville Road (NE-bound) 06:3709:3615:0116:41
Prince Rock Stanley Place (NE-bound) 06:3809:3615:0116:41
Laira Arnolds Point (NE-bound) 06:3909:3815:0316:43
Laira Flyover (NE-bound) 06:4109:4015:0516:45
Crabtree Military Road (E-bound) 06:4109:4015:0516:45
Crabtree Riversleigh (NE-bound) 06:4109:4015:0516:45
Crabtree Close (N-bound) 06:4209:4115:0616:46
Ivybridge Wayside (E-bound) 06:5709:5615:2117:01
Ivybridge Clare Street (E-bound) 06:5709:5615:2117:01
Ivybridge South Dartmoor Leisure Centre (E-bound) 06:5709:5615:2117:01
Ivybridge Town Hall (Stop A) 06:5809:5713:1715:2217:02
Ivybridge, opp Sportsmans Inn 06:5809:5713:1715:2217:02
Ivybridge Marshalls Field (E-bound) 06:5809:5713:1715:2217:02
Ivybridge Rue St Pierre (E-bound) 06:5909:5813:1815:2317:03
Filham Palace Lane (E-bound) 07:0009:5913:1915:2417:04
Filham Davey's Cross (E-bound) 07:0110:0013:2015:2517:05
Bittaford Horse and Groom (SE-bound) 07:0410:0313:2315:2817:08
Bittaford Monksmoor Bridge (NE-bound) 07:0410:0313:2315:2817:08
Wrangaton Siding Cross (NE-bound) 07:0510:0413:2415:2917:09
Wrangaton Post Office (NE-bound) 07:0610:0513:2515:3017:10
S Brent, adj A38 Slip Road Shell Garage 07:0710:0613:2615:3117:11
S Brent London Inn Mews (NE-bound) 07:0910:0813:2815:3317:1319:22
S Brent Pool Park (NE-bound) 07:0910:0813:2815:3317:1319:22
S Brent Stidson Cross (NE-bound) 07:1010:0913:2915:3417:1419:23
S Brent Marley Head (N-bound) 07:1110:1013:3015:3517:1519:24
Upper Dean Lower Dean (NE-bound) 07:1610:1513:3515:4017:2019:29
Buckfastleigh Half Moon Court (N-bound) 07:1610:1513:3515:4017:2019:29
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Road (NE-bound) 07:1710:1613:3615:4117:2119:30
Buckfastleigh Jet Garage (Stop B) 07:1810:1713:3715:4217:2219:31
Buckfastleigh Jet Garage (Stop B) 07:20 10:20 13:40 15:45 17:25 19:33
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (NW-bound) 07:2010:2013:4015:4517:2519:33
Ashburton Peartree Cross (NE-bound) 07:2510:2513:4515:5017:3019:38
Ashburton West End Terrace (NE-bound) 07:2610:2613:4615:5117:31
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop B) 07:2710:2713:4715:5217:3219:40
Ashburton Memorial (NE-bound) 07:2710:2713:4715:5217:3219:40
Ashburton Police Station (NE-bound) 07:2810:2813:4815:5317:3319:41
Ashburton, opp East End Terrace 07:2810:2813:4815:5317:3319:41
Caton Alston Cross (NE-bound) 07:3010:3013:5015:5517:35
Goodstone Cross (SE-bound) 07:3210:3213:5215:5717:3719:45
Bickington Lemonford Caravan Park (E-bound) 07:3410:3413:5415:5917:3919:47
Bickington Toby Jug Inn (E-bound) 07:3410:3413:5415:5917:3919:47
Liverton, opp Welcome Stranger Inn 07:3510:3513:5516:0017:4019:48
Liverton Benedict's Garage (NE-bound) 07:3710:3713:5716:0217:4219:49
Liverton Exeter Cross (NE-bound) 07:3910:3913:5916:0417:4419:50
Heathfield Drumbridges Roundabout (NE-bound) 07:4210:4214:0216:0717:4719:53
Shillingford St George Peamore Lodge (NE-bound) 07:5910:5414:1416:1917:5920:05
Countess Wear WESC Foundation (NW-bound) 08:0310:5714:1716:2218:0220:08
Countess Wear Southbrook Road (NW-bound) 08:0410:5814:1816:2318:0320:09
Wonford Crematorium (NW-bound) 08:0610:5914:1916:2418:0420:10
Wonford Isca College (NW-bound) 08:0811:0014:2016:2518:0520:10
St Leonard’s, opp Wyvern Barracks 08:1011:0114:2116:2618:0620:11
Wonford Fleming Way (N-bound) 08:1211:0214:2216:2718:0720:12
Wonford R D & E Hospital (N-bound) 08:1411:0314:2316:2818:0820:13
Heavitree Livery Dole (NW-bound) 08:1711:0614:2616:3118:1020:15
Heavitree Grendon Road (NW-bound) 08:1811:0714:2716:3218:1120:16
St Leonard’s St Lukes Campus (W-bound) 08:1911:0814:2816:3318:1220:17
Exeter The Pyramids (NW-bound) 08:2111:1014:3016:3518:1320:18
Exeter Bus Station (Bay 3) 08:2411:1314:3316:3818:1520:20

Exeter Bus Station - Buckfastleigh Station Approach

Exeter Bus Station (Bay 3) 06:5009:3011:4014:4516:5018:20
Exeter Lower Summerlands (SE-bound) 06:5009:3111:4114:4616:5118:20
St Leonard’s Waitrose (E-bound) 06:5109:3111:4114:4616:5218:21
Heavitree Livery Dole (SE-bound) 06:5109:3211:4214:4716:5318:21
Wonford R D & E Hospital (S-bound) 06:5309:3411:4414:4916:5518:23
Wonford Fleming Way (S-bound) 06:5309:3411:4414:4916:5618:23
St Leonard’s Wyvern Barracks (SW-bound) 06:5409:3511:4514:5016:5718:24
Wonford Isca College (SE-bound) 06:5409:3611:4614:5116:5918:24
Wonford Crematorium (SE-bound) 06:5509:3711:4714:5217:0118:25
Countess Wear Southbrook Road (SE-bound) 06:5609:3811:4814:5317:0318:26
Countess Wear WESC Foundation (SE-bound) 06:5709:4011:5014:5517:0518:27
Countess Wear Bridge Road (SW-bound) 06:5709:4011:5014:5517:0518:27
Shillingford St George, opp Peamore Garden Centre 07:0009:4311:5314:5817:0818:30
Harcombe Exeter Racecourse (S-bound) 07:0509:4911:5915:0417:1418:35
Heathfield Drumbridges Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:1510:0012:1015:1517:2518:46
Liverton Post Office (SW-bound) 07:1710:0212:1215:1717:2718:48
Liverton, opp Benedict's Garage 07:1810:0312:1315:1817:2818:49
Liverton Welcome Stranger Inn (SW-bound) 07:1910:0412:1415:1917:2918:49
Bickington, opp Toby Jug Inn 07:2010:0512:1515:2017:3018:50
Bickington Lemonford Caravan Park (W-bound) 07:2110:0612:1615:2117:3118:51
Caton Alston Cross (SW-bound) 07:2410:0912:1915:2417:3418:54
Ashburton, adj East End Terrace 07:2710:1212:2215:2717:3718:57
Ashburton, opp Memorial 07:2810:1312:2315:2817:3818:58
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop A) 07:2910:1412:2415:2917:3918:59
Ashburton West End Terrace (SW-bound) 07:2910:1412:2415:2917:3918:59
Ashburton Peartree Cross (W-bound) 07:3010:1512:2515:3017:4019:00
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (SW-bound) 07:3410:1912:2915:3417:4419:04
Buckfastleigh Station Approach (Stop A) 07:3510:2012:3015:3517:4519:05
Buckfastleigh Station Approach (Stop A) 07:38 10:22 12:32 15:37 17:47 19:07
Buckfastleigh West End Road (SW-bound) 07:3810:2212:3215:3717:4719:07
Buckfastleigh Half Moon Court (S-bound) 07:3910:2312:3315:3817:4819:08
Buckfastleigh Lower Dean (SE-bound) 07:3910:2312:3315:3817:4819:08
S Brent, opp Marley Mansion 07:4510:2915:4417:54
S Brent Marley Head (S-bound) 07:4510:2912:3915:4417:5419:14
S Brent Stidson Cross (SW-bound) 07:4510:2912:3915:4417:5419:14
S Brent Pool Park (SW-bound) 07:4710:3112:4115:4617:5619:16
S Brent, opp London Inn Mews 07:4810:3212:4215:4717:5719:17
S Brent, opp A38 Slip Road Shell Garage 07:4910:3312:4315:4817:58
Wrangaton, opp Post Office 07:5110:3612:4615:5118:01
Wrangaton Siding Cross (SW-bound) 07:5110:3612:4615:5118:01
Bittaford Monksmoor Bridge (SW-bound) 07:5310:3812:4815:5318:03
Bittaford, opp Horse and Groom 07:5410:3912:4915:5418:04
Filham Davey's Cross (W-bound) 07:5710:4212:5215:5718:07
Filham Palace Lane (SW-bound) 07:5810:4312:5315:5818:08
Ivybridge Rue St Pierre (W-bound) 07:5910:4412:5415:5918:09
Ivybridge Abbeyfield (W-bound) 08:0010:4512:5516:0018:10
Ivybridge Sportsmans Inn (W-bound) 08:0110:4612:5616:0118:11
Ivybridge BP Garage (Stop B) 08:0210:4712:5716:0218:12
Ivybridge, opp South Dartmoor Leisure Centre 08:0210:4716:0218:12
Ivybridge Clare Street (W-bound) 08:0210:4716:0218:12
Ivybridge Rose Cottage (W-bound) 08:0210:4716:0218:12
Crabtree Plymouth Road Superstore (SW-bound) 08:1611:0016:1518:25
Laira Flyover (SW-bound) 08:1711:0116:1618:26
Laira Rowing Club (SW-bound) 08:2011:0316:1818:28
Mount Gould Lanhydrock Road (SW-bound) 08:2111:0416:1918:29
Prince Rock Hele's Terrace (S-bound) 08:2411:0516:2018:30
Prince Rock Elliott Road (W-bound) 08:2511:0616:2118:31
Cattedown Astor Field (W-bound) 08:2611:0716:2218:32
Cattedown St Johns Church (W-bound) 08:2811:0816:2318:33
Plymouth, o/s Jurys Inn 08:3011:0916:2418:34
Plymouth Viaduct (Stop B6) 08:3011:1016:2518:35
Plymouth Royal Parade (Stop A8) 08:3311:1216:2718:37

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 27 October 2020

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