96 - Crosskeys - Tredegar

Operated by Stagecoach South Wales

Hollybush Glen View - Crosskeys Coleg Gwent

Hollybush, nr Glen View 08:01
Hollybush, before Great Western Cottages 08:02
Markham Terrace (before) 08:0408:04
Markham, nr The Villas 08:0408:04
Markham, opp Institute 08:0508:05
Markham, after Abernant Crescent 08:0608:06
Argoed, nr Pen-y-lan Road (Top) 08:0808:08
Argoed, before Gelynos Avenue 08:0808:08
Argoed, after Penylan Junction 08:0908:09
Argoed, nr Woodville Terrace 08:1008:10
Argoed, nr Sunny View 08:1108:11
Rock Villas (opp) 08:1308:13
The Rock (after) 08:1408:14
Cwmgelli Villas (opp) 08:1608:16
Blackwood Showfield (nr) 08:2008:20
Blackwood, in Sunnybank Road 08:2108:21
Blackwood, after Chartist Bridge 08:2308:23
Blackwood, o/s ASDA 08:2508:25
Blackwood Bus Station Stand 9 08:2808:28
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (o/s) 08:3008:30
Pontllanfraith, after Avicenna Medical Centre 08:3108:31
Pontllanfraith, before Tredegar Junction 08:3108:31
Pontllanfraith, nr Plaza Court 08:3208:32
Gelligroes, nr Switchgear 08:3408:34
Gelligroes, nr Gelli-groes Mill 08:3508:35
Ynysddu, nr Pont-gam 08:3708:37
Ynysddu, after Black Prince 08:3908:39
Ynysddu Post Office (opp) 08:4008:40
Cwmfelinfach, nr Pioneer Terrace 08:4108:41
Cwmfelinfach Glan-y-nant Gardens (after 42) 08:4208:42
Nine Mile Point Industrial Estate (after) 08:4308:43
Brynawel Llanarth Street (adj junct) 08:4508:45
Wattsville Garage (o/s) 08:4708:47
Wattsville, o/s National Club 08:4808:48
Wattsville, opp Jubilee Club 08:4808:48
Crosskeys, after Tredegar Street 08:5108:51
Crosskeys Station (o/s) 08:5208:52
Crosskeys, opp Coleg Gwent 08:5308:53

Crosskeys Coleg Gwent - Hollybush Glen View

Crosskeys, o/s Coleg Gwent 15:3015:3016:10
Blackwood Showfield (nr) 14:5514:55
Crosskeys Gladstone Street (o/s 2a) 15:3115:3116:11
Blackwood, in Sunnybank Road 14:5514:55
Crosskeys, after Tredegar Street 15:3215:3216:12
Wattsville, before Jubilee Club 15:3415:3416:14
Wattsville, after National Club 15:3515:3516:15
Wattsville Garage (opp) 15:3615:3616:16
Brynawel Llanarth Street (opp junct) 15:3615:3616:16
Nine Mile Point Industrial Estate (before) 15:3815:3816:18
Cwmfelinfach, nr Haven on the Hill 15:3915:3916:19
Cwmfelinfach Community Church (o/s) 15:4015:4016:20
Ynysddu, o/s Ambulance Hall 15:4115:4116:21
Ynysddu, before Black Prince 15:4215:4216:22
Ynysddu, nr Pont-gam 15:4415:4416:24
Gelligroes, before Wyllie Path 15:4615:4616:26
Gelligroes, nr Gelli-groes Mill 15:4715:4716:27
Gelligroes, nr Switchgear 15:4715:4716:27
Pontllanfraith, o/s King David Tyres 15:4915:4816:29
Pontllanfraith, nr The Plaza 15:4915:4916:29
Pontllanfraith, after Tredegar Junction 15:5015:5016:30
Pontllanfraith, opp Avicenna Medical Centre 15:5115:5016:31
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (opp) 15:5215:5216:32
Blackwood Bus Station Stand 3 15:5315:5316:33
Blackwood Bus Station Stand 3 16:38
Blackwood Miners Institute (o/s former) 15:5516:40
Blackwood, before Chartist Bridge 15:5616:41
Cwmgelli Villas (o/s) 14:5714:5715:5616:41
The Rock (after) 14:5814:5815:5816:42
Rock Villas (o/s) 14:5914:5915:5816:43
Argoed, at Grwney Place 15:0115:0116:0016:44
Argoed, adj Woodville Terrace 15:0115:0116:0116:45
Argoed, before Penylan Junction 15:0215:0216:0116:45
Argoed, after Gelynos Avenue 15:0215:0216:0216:46
Argoed, nr Pen-y-lan Road (Top) 15:0315:0316:0216:46
Markham, before Abernant Crescent 15:0415:0416:0316:47
Markham, before Institute 15:0515:0516:0416:48
Markham, adj Congregational Church 15:0515:0516:0416:48
Markham Terrace (after) 15:0615:0616:0516:49
Hollybush, after Great Western Cottages 15:0816:51
Hollybush, nr Glen View 15:0916:52

Timetable data from Stagecoach South Wales, 19 July 2024

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