3 - Selby - Thorne

A service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Monday to Friday, School Days days

Thorne - Selby

Thorne, adj Horse Fair Green/Finkle Street 07:45
Thorne, opp Field Road/Darley Road 07:46
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/North Eastern Road 07:47
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Millfield Road 07:48
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Alexandra Street 07:48
Thorne, opp King Edward Road/Coulman Street 07:50
Moorends, opp Marshland Road/Newfields Avenue 07:51
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Bloomhill Road 07:53
Moorends, adj Wembley Road/Marshland Road 07:53
Moorends, opp High Hazel Road/Kents Gardens 07:55
Moorends, opp High Hazel Road/Gainford Road 07:55
Moorends, opp Northgate/Grange Road 07:57
Moorends, adj Northgate/The Green 07:57
Moorends, at Micklethwaite Road/Marshland Road 07:57
Moorends Road/North Common Road (opp) 07:58
Moorends Road/Inglemoor Farm (opp) 07:58
Moorends Road/Old School House (adj) 08:00
Moorends Road/None (adj) 08:00
Moorends Road/None (adj) 08:01
Rawcliffe Bridge Rawcliffe Long Lane 08:04
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 08:06
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 08:07
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 08:07
Rawcliffe Station Road 08:09
Rawcliffe Station Road 08:10
Rawcliffe Station Road 08:10
Rawcliffe Station Road 08:10
Rawcliffe The Green 08:11
Rawcliffe Hall Gardens 08:12
Rawcliffe Cuckoo Park 08:13
Airmyn Grange A614 08:15
A614 Airmyn 08:17
Airmyn A614 08:18
Goole Rawcliffe Road 08:21
Goole Rawcliffe Road 08:23
Goole Airmyn Road 08:23
Goole Centenary Road 08:24
Goole Oxford Road 08:25
Goole Hospital Grounds 08:27
Goole Western Road 08:27
Howden Ferryboat Inn 08:30
Howden Knedlington A63 08:32
Brackenholme Cottages (opp) 08:38
Babthorpe, adj Chapel Fields 08:41
Hemingbrough Playing Field (W-bound) 08:41
Hemingbrough Ashfield House (W-bound) 08:41
Hemingbrough St Mary's Church (N-bound) 08:42
Hemingbrough Fox And Pheasant (N-bound) 08:42
Hemingbrough, opp Villa Close 08:43
Hemingbrough Newhay (N-bound) 08:45
Cliffe, opp Priestfields 08:48
Cliffe, opp The Shrubberies 08:49
Cliffe, opp Post Office 08:50
Cliffe Crossroads (N-bound) 08:50
Lund Lane End (NW-bound) 08:54
Osgodby The Wadkin Arms (NW-bound) 08:58
Osgodby Bennymoor Lane (NW-bound) 08:58
Osgodby Methodist Church (W-bound) 08:58
Selby, adj Denison Road End 09:04
Selby Benedict Avenue (S-bound) 09:04
Selby College (adj) 09:05
Selby, opp Abbot's Road 09:05
Selby Abbot's Road (W-bound) 09:05
Selby, opp Eden Avenue 09:06
Selby Abbots Road Bawtry Rd End (W-bound) 09:06
Selby, adj Canal Bridge 09:07
Selby, adj Reginald Terrace 09:08
Selby Bus Stn Stand 6 (6) 09:10

Selby - Thorne

Selby, opp College 16:40
Selby, opp Abbot's Road 16:40
Selby Abbot's Road (W-bound) 16:41
Selby, opp Eden Avenue 16:42
Selby Abbots Road Bawtry Rd End (W-bound) 16:43
Selby, adj Canal Bridge 16:45
Selby, adj Reginald Terrace 16:46
Selby Bus Stn Stand 5 (5) 16:50
Selby River Street (NE-bound) 16:51
Selby Bocm Offices (E-bound) 16:52
Selby Ardol Clock Tower (32000716) 16:52
Osgodby Rhodes Terrace (E-bound) 16:55
Osgodby Bennymoor Lane (SE-bound) 16:56
Osgodby The Wadkin Arms (E-bound) 16:57
Lund Lane End (SE-bound) 16:59
Cliffe Crossroads (SE-bound) 17:00
Cliffe, adj Post Office 17:01
Cliffe, adj The Shrubberies 17:01
Cliffe, adj Priestfields 17:01
Hemingbrough Newhay (S-bound) 17:03
Hemingbrough, adj Villa Close 17:04
Hemingbrough Fox And Pheasant (S-bound) 17:04
Hemingbrough Church Farm (S-bound) 17:05
Hemingbrough Ashfield House (SE-bound) 17:05
Hemingbrough Playing Field (E-bound) 17:05
Babthorpe, opp Chapel Fields 17:05
Brackenholme Cottages (adj) 17:08
Newsholme Main Road 17:11
Knedlington B1228 17:14
Howden Ferryboat Inn 17:16
Goole Western Road 17:18
Goole Western Road 17:19
Goole Hospital Grounds 17:20
Goole Airmyn Road 17:22
Goole Rawcliffe Road 17:23
Goole Rawcliffe Road 17:23
Airmyn A614 17:25
A614 Airmyn 17:27
Airmyn Rawcliffe Grange A614 17:28
Rawcliffe Cuckoo Park 17:29
Rawcliffe Hall Gardens 17:31
Rawcliffe The Green 17:31
Rawcliffe Station Road 17:32
Rawcliffe Station Road 17:32
Rawcliffe Station Road 17:32
Rawcliffe Station Road 17:33
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 17:33
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 17:35
Rawcliffe Bridge Lane 17:35
Rawcliffe Bridge Rawcliffe Moor Road 17:36
Rawcliffe Bridge Rawcliffe Long Lane 17:38
Rawcliffe Johnny Moor Long Ln 17:39
Rawcliffe Moorends Road 17:40
Moorends Road/None (opp) 17:40
Moorends Road/None (opp) 17:41
Moorends Road/Old School House (opp) 17:41
Moorends Road/Inglemoor Farm (adj) 17:43
Moorends Road/North Common Road (adj) 17:43
Moorends, at Marshland Road/Grange Road 17:44
Moorends, adj Northgate/Richmond Road 17:45
Moorends, adj High Hazel Road/Park Road 17:45
Moorends, adj High Hazel Road/South Road 17:46
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Wembley Road 17:47
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Newfields Close 17:48
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Kings Court Road 17:50
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Inglenook Drive 17:51
Thorne, nr King Edward Road/St Nicholas Road 17:52
Thorne, nr Field Road/King Street 17:52
Thorne, adj Horse Fair Green/Finkle Street 17:55

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