Bus Times

71 - Silverhill - Hastings - Ore - William Parker Academy

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hastings

Silverhill - Hastings - Ore - William Parker Academy

Silverhill London Road (o/s 383) 07:41
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 53) 07:42
Bohemia, opp St Peter's Church 07:43
Bohemia, adj Fire Station 07:44
Bohemia, o/s Summerfields Leisure Centre 07:45
Bohemia, opp White Rock Gardens 07:45
Hastings Cambridge Gardens (Stop S) 07:46
Hastings Harold Place (Stop Q) 07:48
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop U) 07:49
Old Town, opp The Stade 07:51
Old Town, adj Roebuck Street 07:51
Old Town, adj Market Cross Harold Road 07:53
Belmont, opp Barley Lane 07:54
Belmont, adj Dudley Road 07:55
Clive Vale, adj Godwin Road 07:55
Clive Vale, adj Athelstan Road 07:56
Clive Vale, opp New Road 07:57
Clive Vale, adj Alfred Road 07:58
Ore, opp Offa Road 07:59
Ore, adj Ashburnham Road 08:00
Ore, adj Mount Road 08:01
Ore, adj North Terrace 08:02
Ore, adj Halton Heights 08:04
Ore, adj St George's Road 08:05
Blacklands, adj Manor Road 08:07
Blacklands, opp Hughenden Court 08:08
Blacklands, adj Park Gates 08:09
Blacklands, adj Pavilion 08:09
Blacklands, opp St Helen's Park Road 08:10
Blacklands, adj Dordrecht Way 08:11
Blacklands, opp Helenshurst Court 08:11
Blacklands, nr Park View end 08:11
Blacklands Park View (o/s 41) 08:12
Blacklands, opp Park Way 08:14
Blacklands, at Ark William Parker Academy 08:16
Blacklands, opp Park Close 08:17
Silverhill Park, opp William Parker Academy 08:18
Silverhill Park, opp Sheerwater Crescent South 08:19
Silverhill Park, adj Grange Avenue 08:19
Silverhill Park, adj Old Roar Road 08:20
Silverhill Park, adj Rowan Close 08:21
St Helens, opp Maitland Close 08:23
St Helens, opp Grange Road 08:24
St Helens, opp Sandrock Park 08:24
St Helens, adj Chowns Hill 08:26
St Helens, adj Crematorium 08:27
St Helens, adj Cemetery 08:28
This bus runs on days when William Parker School is open
Schooldays only


St Helens, opp Cemetery 15:15
St Helens, opp Crematorium 15:15
St Helens, opp Chowns Hill 15:16
St Helens, adj Sandrock Park 15:17
St Helens, adj Grange Road 15:17
St Helens, adj Maitland Close 15:18
Silverhill Park, opp Rowan Close 15:19
Silverhill Park, opp Little Ridge Avenue East 15:19
Silverhill Park, adj Sheerwater Crescent North 15:20
Silverhill Park, adj Sheerwater Crescent South 15:20
Silverhill Park, adj William Parker Academy 15:21
Blacklands, adj Park Close 15:21
Blacklands, at Ark William Parker Academy 15:23
Blacklands, adj Park Way 15:24
Blacklands Park View (o/s 48) 15:24
Blacklands, adj Helenshurst Court 15:25
Blacklands, opp Dordrecht Way 15:26
Blacklands, adj St Helen's Park Road 15:27
Blacklands, opp Pavilion 15:28
Blacklands, opp Park Gates 15:29
Blacklands, opp St James's Road 15:30
Blacklands, adj Hughenden Court 15:32
Blacklands, opp Manor Road 15:32
Ore, opp St George's Road 15:34
Ore, opp Halton Heights 15:35
Ore, opp North Terrace 15:36
Ore, opp Ashburnham Road 15:37
Ore, adj Graystone Lane 15:39
Clive Vale, opp Alfred Road 15:40
Clive Vale, adj New Road 15:40
Clive Vale, opp Athelstan Road 15:41
Clive Vale, opp Godwin Road 15:42
Belmont, opp Dudley Road 15:42
Belmont, adj Barley Lane 15:44
Old Town, opp Market Cross Harold Road 15:44
Old Town, opp Roebuck Street 15:45
Old Town, adj The Stade 15:47
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop Z) 15:48
Hastings Cambridge Road (Stop R) 15:52
Bohemia, adj White Rock Gardens 15:52
Bohemia, opp Summerfields Leisure Centre 15:53
Bohemia, adj Magdalen Road 15:53
Bohemia, opp Fire Station 15:54
Bohemia, adj St Peter's Church 15:55
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 50) 15:57
Bohemia, adj St Matthew's Road 15:59
This bus runs on days when William Parker School is open
Schooldays only

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