N22 - Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh - Ocean Terminal

A bus service operated by Lothian Buses


Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh - Ocean Terminal

Edinburgh Park Station (Layover) 00:3501:3502:3503:35
South Gyle Redheughs Avenue (E-bound) 00:3701:3702:3703:37
South Gyle, at Drummond House 00:3701:3702:3703:37
South Gyle, opp Teviot House 00:3701:3702:3703:37
South Gyle Crescent Lane (before) 00:3801:3802:3803:38
South Gyle Trade Park (before) 00:3801:3802:3803:38
South Gyle, opp Gyle Square 00:3801:3802:3803:38
South Gyle, at Forrester High School 00:3901:3902:3903:39
South Gyle, before Bankhead Drive 00:3901:3902:3903:39
Sighthill, before Broomhouse Roundabout 00:4001:4002:4003:40
Broomhouse Avenue (opp) 00:4001:4002:4003:4023:50
Broomhouse Gardens (opp) 00:4001:4002:4003:4023:50
Broomhouse, opp Saughton House 00:4101:4102:4103:4123:51
Saughton Road North (after) 00:4101:4102:4103:4123:51
Saughton Mains Street (opp) 00:4301:4302:4303:4323:53
Saughton, before Stenhouse Grove 00:4301:4302:4303:4323:53
Stenhouse Cross (after) 00:4301:4302:4303:4323:53
Stenhouse, after Whitson Grove 00:4401:4402:4403:4423:54
Stenhouse Whitson Crescent (near) 00:4501:4502:4503:4523:55
Balgreen Primary School (at) 00:4601:4602:4603:4623:56
Gorgie, opp Stevenson Grove 00:4601:4602:4603:4623:56
Gorgie Westfield Avenue (near) 00:4701:4702:4703:4723:57
Gorgie, at Westfield Sainsbury's 00:4701:4702:4703:4723:57
Gorgie, before Roseburn Street 00:4801:4802:4803:4823:58
Viewforth Fountain Park (opp rear) 00:5001:5002:5003:5000:00
Viewforth, after Morrison Crescent 00:5101:5102:5103:5100:01
West End The Exchange (Stop XB) 00:5301:5302:5303:5300:03
West End Lothian Road (Stop XC) 00:5301:5302:5303:5300:03
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PE) 00:5501:5502:5503:5500:05
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PK) 00:5701:5702:5703:5700:07
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PM) 01:0102:0103:0100:11
Greenside Leith Street (Stop JD) 01:0302:0303:0300:13
Hillside Leopold Place (Stop EG) 01:0502:0503:0500:15
Hillside, before Brunswick Road 01:0802:0803:0800:18
Leith Albert Street (near) 01:0902:0903:0900:19
Leith, after St Clair Avenue 01:1002:1003:1000:20
Leith, opp Academy Park 01:1002:1003:1000:20
Leith, opp Kirkgate Centre 01:1102:1103:1100:21
Leith, opp St Anthony Street 01:1102:1103:1100:21
Leith, after Parliament Street 01:1302:1303:1300:23
Leith The Shore (NE-bound) 01:1302:1303:1300:23
North Leith, after Sandport Street 01:1402:1403:1400:24
North Leith, opp Victoria Quay 01:1502:1503:1500:25
North Leith Commercial Street (NW-bound) 01:1602:1603:1600:26
Newhaven, opp North Leith Sands 01:1702:1703:1700:27
Newhaven, at Annfield 01:1802:1803:1800:28
Western Harbour Sandpiper Drive (near) 01:1902:1903:1900:29
Western Harbour, opp Windrush Drive 01:2002:2003:2000:30
Western Harbour Park (at) 01:2102:2103:2100:31

Ocean Terminal - Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh

Western Harbour Park (at) 00:4001:4002:4003:40
Western Harbour, after Windrush Drive 00:4101:4102:4103:41
Western Harbour, before Sandpiper Drive 00:4101:4102:4103:41
Newhaven, opp Annfield 00:4201:4202:4203:42
Newhaven, after North Leith Sands 00:4301:4302:4303:43
North Leith Commercial Street (SE-bound) 00:4401:4402:4403:44
North Leith, o/s Victoria Quay 00:4501:4502:4503:45
North Leith, opp Sandport Street 00:4601:4602:4603:46
Leith The Shore (SW-bound) 00:4701:4702:4703:47
Leith, opp Parliament Street 00:4801:4802:4803:48
Leith, before St Anthony Street 00:4901:4902:4903:49
Leith Foot of the Walk (SW-bound) 00:5001:5002:5003:50
Leith, opp Stead's Place 00:5101:5102:5103:51
Pilrig, opp Balfour Street 00:5201:5202:5203:52
Hillside Shrubhill (SW-bound) 00:5301:5302:5303:53
Hillside Elm Row (Stop EA) 00:5501:5502:5503:55
Greenside Leith Street (Stop JA) 00:5701:5702:5703:5723:57
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PP) 00:5901:5902:5903:5923:59
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PT) 01:0002:0003:0004:0000:00
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PZ) 01:0302:0303:0304:0300:03
West End Lothian Road (Stop XD) 01:0502:0503:0504:0500:05
West End The Exchange (Stop XG) 01:0502:0503:0504:0500:05
Viewforth, opp Morrison Crescent 01:0702:0703:0704:0700:07
Viewforth Fountain Park (at rear) 01:0702:0703:0704:0700:07
Gorgie, opp Roseburn Street 01:1002:1003:1004:1000:10
Gorgie, opp Westfield Sainsbury's 01:1002:1003:1004:1000:10
Gorgie, opp Westfield Avenue 01:1002:1003:1004:1000:10
Gorgie, after Stevenson Grove 01:1102:1103:1104:1100:11
Balgreen Primary School (near) 01:1202:1203:1204:1200:12
Stenhouse, opp Whitson Crescent 01:1202:1203:1204:1200:12
Stenhouse, opp Whitson Grove 01:1302:1303:1304:1300:13
Stenhouse Cross (before) 01:1302:1303:1304:1300:13
Saughton, at Stenhouse Grove 01:1402:1403:1404:1400:14
Saughton Mains Street (before) 01:1502:1503:1504:1500:15
Saughton Road North (before) 01:1602:1603:1604:1600:16
Broomhouse, at Saughton House 01:1702:1703:1704:1700:17
Broomhouse Gardens (before) 01:1702:1703:1704:1700:17
Broomhouse Avenue (after) 01:1802:1803:1804:1800:18
Sighthill, after Broomhouse Roundabout 01:1802:1803:1800:18
Sighthill, opp South Gyle Access 01:1902:1903:1900:19
South Gyle, after Bankhead Drive 01:1902:1903:1900:19
South Gyle, opp Forrester High School 01:2002:2003:2000:20
South Gyle Wynd (after) 01:2102:2103:2100:21
South Gyle Mains (opp) 01:2102:2103:2100:21
South Gyle Park (o/s) 01:2202:2203:2200:22
South Gyle, before Gyle Centre 01:2302:2303:2300:23
Edinburgh Park Lochside Crescent (S-bound) 01:2402:2403:2400:24
Edinburgh Park, opp Lochside Place 01:2402:2403:2400:24
Edinburgh Park Station (Layover) 01:2602:2603:2600:26

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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