448N - St Roberts of Newminster Catholic School - Birtley via Harraton, Rickleton, Ayton, Oxclose, Lambton, Portobello, Birtley Northside, Portmeads, Barley Mow

A bus service operated by Go North East

Go North East strike
30 September–6 October 2023

Please see the Go North East website for updates and details of the very few services operating: https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/update-industrial-action

Monday to Friday, Sunderland School Term Dates days

Fatfield St Robert Of Newminster Catholic School (S-Bound) 15:27
Fatfield Washington Arts Centre (S-Bound) 15:28
Fatfield Biddick Lane-Fallowfield Way (S-Bound) 15:28
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Biddick Lane (W-Bound) 15:30
Harraton (W-Bound) 15:32
Harraton Vigo Lane-Sycamore Avenue (W-Bound) 15:32
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Harwood Close (SW-Bound) 15:34
Rickleton Vigo Lane (SW-Bound) 15:35
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Cricket Ground (NW-Bound) 15:35
Rickleton Washington Hospital (N-Bound) 15:36
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Goldstar (E-Bound) 15:38
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Flyover (N-Bound) 15:39
Ayton Dunnock Drive-Chevies (N-Bound) 15:40
Ayton Dunnock Drive-Sandpiper Close (N-Bound) 15:40
Ayton Dunlin Drive (NW-Bound) 15:41
Ayton Fulmar Drive - Turnstone Drive (NW-Bound) 15:41
Ayton Road (N-Bound) 15:42
Crowther Raby Road (SE-Bound) 15:43
Oxclose Raby Road (E-Bound) 15:44
Oxclose Castle Road (SE-Bound) 15:47
Lambton Malvern Road (S-Bound) 15:51
Lambton Hambleton Road (SW-Bound) 15:53
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Goldstar (S-Bound) 15:56
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Picktree Lane (W-Bound) 15:57
Barley Mow Portobello Road-Lonsdale (N-Bound) 15:59
Barley Mow Portobello Road-Windermere (N-Bound) 16:00
Birtley Portobello Road-Dunvegan (N-Bound) 16:00
Birtley Portobello Road-Seagraves (N-Bound) 16:02
Birtley Portobello Road-Shadon Way (N-Bound) 16:02
Birtley Portobello (N-Bound) 16:02
Birtley Portobello Road-Fell Bank (NW-Bound) 16:03
Birtley Mount Pleasant (W-Bound) 16:04
Birtley Portmeads Road-Uplands (S-Bound) 16:04
Birtley Portmeads Road-Portmead Rise (SE-Bound) 16:05
Birtley Portmeads (S-Bound) 16:06
Birtley Portmeads Road-Fellside (S-Bound) 16:07
Barley Mow Glenluce (S-Bound) 16:09
Barley Mow Vigo Lane-Bedford Avenue (W-Bound) 16:12
Barley Mow Durham Road - Dobbies (N-Bound) 16:13
Barley Mow Durham Road - Dorset Ave (N-Bound) 16:14
Birtley Durham Road-Memorial Cottages (N-Bound) 16:16
Birtley Durham Road-Harras Bank (N-Bound) 16:17
Birtley Durham Road-Harras Terrace (N-Bound) 16:17
Birtley Durham Road - Beaconsfield Terrace (N-Bound) 16:18
Birtley Durham Road-Fire Station (N-Bound) 16:19
Birtley Durham Road-Ridgeway (N-Bound) 16:20
Birtley Durham Road-Windsor Road (N-Bound) 16:21
Birtley Newcastle Bank-Long Bank (NW-Bound) 16:22

Timetable data from Go North East, 29 September 2023

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