87A - Solihull Station Interchange - Pool Meadow Stand E

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Pool Meadow Stand E - Solihull Station Interchange

Solihull Station Interchange (Stand B) 06:2007:1508:2016:2517:30
Solihull Town Centre (Stop SE) 06:2307:1808:2316:2817:33
Solihull, opp House Of Fraser 06:2507:2008:2516:3017:35
Solihull School (adj) 06:2507:2008:2516:3017:35
Solihull, opp Brueton Avenue 06:2607:2108:2616:3117:36
Solihull, adj Marsh Lane 06:2707:2208:2716:3217:37
Copt Heath, adj Ravenshaw Way 06:3007:2508:3016:3517:40
Copt Heath, opp Lady Byron Lane 06:3107:2608:3116:3617:41
Copt Heath, opp Jacobean Lane 06:3207:2708:3216:3717:42
Copt Heath, adj Lightwood Close 06:3307:2808:3316:3817:43
Knowle, adj Arden Vale Rd 06:3407:2908:3416:3917:44
Knowle, adj Lodge Rd 06:3507:3008:3516:4017:45
Knowle Green Church (adj) 06:3607:3108:3616:4117:46
Knowle, after Golden End Drive 06:3707:3208:3716:4217:47
Temple Balsall 07:35
Temple Balsall, after Balsall St 06:4007:3508:4016:4517:50
Fen End Fernhill Lane (adjacent) 06:4307:3808:4316:4817:53
Fen End, before Jaguar Land Rover 06:4507:4008:4516:5017:55
Fen End, opposite Holly Court 06:4807:4408:4916:5417:59
Balsall Common Primary School (opp) 06:4907:4608:5116:5618:01
Needlers End, opp Kemps Green Rd 06:5007:4708:5216:5718:02
Needlers End, after Balsall St 06:5007:4808:5316:5818:03
Needlers End, after Burberry Grove 06:5107:4908:5416:5918:04
Needlers End, before Dunchurch Close 06:5107:5008:5416:5918:04
Balsall Common Island (before) 06:5207:5008:5517:0018:05
Balsall Common, adj The White Horse 06:5207:5108:5617:0118:06
Balsall Common, adj Blythe Avenue 06:5307:5208:5717:0118:06
Balsall Common Catchems Corner (adjacent) 06:5307:5208:5817:0218:07
Carol Green, opp Little Beanit Farm 06:5407:5308:5917:0318:08
Carol Green Bridge (adjacent) 06:5407:5308:5917:0318:08
Carol Green, opp Nailcote Lane 06:5407:5409:0017:0418:09
Carol Green, opp Electricity Station 06:5507:5409:0117:0418:09
Burton Green, adj Hodgetts Lane 06:5507:5509:0217:0518:10
Tile Hill South, opposite Water Tower 06:5607:5509:0317:0518:10
Tile Hill South Peeping Tom (adjacent) 06:5607:5609:0317:0518:11
Tile Hill South, before Cromwell Lane 06:5707:5609:0417:0618:11
Westwood Heath, opp Bockendon Rd 06:5807:5709:0517:0618:12
Westwood Heath, after Woodleigh Rd 06:5907:5709:0617:0618:12
Westwood Business Park, adj Broadwells Crescent 06:5907:5809:0617:0718:13
University of Warwick, before Gibbet Hill Rd 07:0007:5809:0717:0718:13
Westwood Business Park, adj Westwood Academy 08:01
Cannon Park, adj Westwood Campus 07:0109:0917:0818:14
Westwood Business Park, after Mitchell Ave 08:02
Cannon Park, before Lynchgate Rd 07:0209:1017:0918:14
Westwood Business Park, opp Hunt Terrace 08:02
Canley, before Sheriff Ave 08:03
Canley, opp Northfolk Terrace 08:03
Canley, adj Moat House Lane 08:04
Cannon Park Centre (opp) 07:0308:0509:1117:1018:15
Cannon Park Leeming Close (adjacent) 07:0308:0609:1117:1118:16
Canley, opp Centenary Rd 07:0508:0709:1317:1218:17
Canley Sir Henry Parkes Rd (adjacent) 07:0508:0809:1317:1318:18
Canley Rd (adj) 07:0508:0809:1417:1318:18
War Memorial Park, opp Cannon Park Rd 07:0608:0909:1517:1418:19
Green Lane, after Kenpas Highway 07:0708:1009:1517:1518:20
War Memorial Park Stoneleigh Ave (adjacent) 07:0708:1109:1617:1618:21
War Memorial Park, adj Beechwood Avenue 07:0808:1209:1617:1718:22
War Memorial Park, adj Earlsdon Avenue South 07:0808:1209:1717:1718:22
War Memorial Park, adj Davenport Rd 07:0908:1309:1717:1818:23
Earlsdon, adj Top Green Park 07:0908:1409:1817:1918:24
Coventry Rail Station Bridge (Stop WR5) 07:1008:1409:1817:1918:24
Coventry Rail Station (Stand WR3) 07:1008:1509:1917:2018:25
Coventry Queen Victoria Rd (Stop GR1) 07:1208:1909:2217:2318:31
Coventry Croft Road (Stop VR3) 07:1208:2109:2317:2418:33
Coventry Well St (Stop BS3) 07:1408:2409:2517:2618:37
Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS2) 07:1408:2509:2617:2718:38
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 07:1508:2709:2717:2818:41

Solihull Station Interchange - Pool Meadow Stand E

Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 07:3208:3216:3717:42
Coventry Ironmonger Square (Stop TS5) 07:3508:3516:4017:45
Coventry St Johns Church (Stop CS3) 07:3808:3816:4417:49
Coventry Croft Road (Stop VR2) 07:3908:3916:4417:49
Coventry Queen Victoria Rd (Stop GR2) 07:4008:4016:4517:50
Coventry Rail Station (Stand WR1) 07:4308:4316:4817:53
Coventry Rail Station Bridge (Stop WR6) 07:4408:4416:4917:54
Earlsdon, opp Top Green Park 07:4408:4416:4917:54
War Memorial Park, opp Davenport Rd 07:4508:4516:5017:55
War Memorial Park, opp Earlsdon Avenue South 07:4608:4616:5117:56
War Memorial Park, opp Beechwood Avenue 07:4708:4716:5217:57
War Memorial Park Stoneleigh Ave (near) 07:4808:4816:5317:58
War Memorial Park, adj Cannon Park Rd 07:4908:4916:5417:59
Canley, after Fletchamstead Highway 07:5108:5116:5618:01
Canley Crematorium (adj) 07:5208:5216:5718:02
Canley, before Sir Henry Parkes Rd 07:5208:5216:5718:02
Cannon Park Centre (opp) 07:5308:5316:5818:03
Cannon Park Leeming Close (adjacent) 07:5308:5316:5818:03
Cannon Park, after Lynchgate Rd 07:5408:54
Canley, opp Moat House Lane 17:0018:05
Cannon Park, opposite Westwood Campus 07:5508:55
Canley, adj Northfolk Terrace 17:0018:05
University of Warwick, before Westwood Way 07:5608:56
Canley, opp Sheriff Ave 17:0018:05
Westwood Business Park, adj Hunt Terrace 17:0118:06
Westwood Business Park, before Mitchell Ave 17:0118:06
University of Warwick, adj Mitchell Avenue 17:0318:08
University of Warwick, adj Gibbet Hill Rd 07:5608:5617:0518:10
University of Warwick, adj Westwood Church 07:5608:5617:0518:10
Westwood Business Park, opp Broadwells Crescent 07:5708:5717:0618:11
Westwood Heath, opposite Woodleigh Rd 07:5808:5817:0718:12
Westwood Heath, adj Bockendon Rd 07:5808:5817:0718:12
Tile Hill South, after Cromwell Lane 07:5908:5917:0818:13
Tile Hill South, adj Westwood Heath Rd 07:5908:5917:0818:13
Tile Hill South, opposite Peeping Tom 08:0009:0017:0918:14
Tile Hill South Water Tower (adjacent) 08:0009:0017:0918:14
Burton Green, adj Cromwell Lane 08:0109:0117:1018:15
Carol Green, adj Electricity Station 08:0209:0217:1218:17
Carol Green, adj Nailcote Lane 08:0409:0417:1318:18
Carol Green, before Bridge 08:0409:0417:1418:19
Carol Green, adj Little Beanit Farm 08:0509:0517:1518:20
Balsall Common, opposite Catchems Corner 08:0709:0717:1618:21
Balsall Common, opp Blythe Avenue 08:0709:0717:1718:22
Balsall Common, opp The White Horse 08:0909:0917:1918:24
Balsall Common, adj Elmwood Close 08:1009:1017:2018:25
Balsall Common Island (after) 08:1009:1017:2018:25
Needlers End, after Dunchurch Close 08:1009:1117:2118:26
Needlers End, before Burberry Grove 08:1109:1117:2118:26
Needlers End, before Balsall St 08:1209:1217:2218:27
Needlers End Kemps Green Rd (adjacent) 08:1309:1317:2318:28
Balsall Common Primary School (adjacent) 08:1309:1317:2318:28
Fen End Holly Court (adjacent) 08:1609:1617:2618:31
Fen End, after Jaguar Land Rover 08:2009:2017:3018:35
Fen End, opposite Fernhill Lane 08:2209:2217:3218:37
Temple Balsall, before Balsall St 08:2409:2417:3418:39
Temple Balsall 08:2509:2517:3518:40
Knowle, before Golden End Drive 08:2809:2817:3818:43
Knowle Green Church (opp) 08:2909:2917:3918:44
Knowle Wilsons Arms (adjacent) 08:3009:3017:4018:45
Knowle, opp Arden Vale Rd 08:3109:3117:4218:47
Copt Heath, opp Lightwood Close 08:3109:3117:4318:48
Copt Heath, adj Jacobean Lane 08:3209:3217:4418:49
Copt Heath, adj Lady Byron Lane 08:3309:3317:4518:50
Copt Heath, opp Ravenshaw Way 08:3509:3517:4718:52
Solihull, opp Marsh Lane 08:3809:3817:5018:55
Solihull, adj Brueton Avenue 08:3909:3917:5118:56
Solihull School (opp) 08:4009:4017:5218:57
Solihull, adj House Of Fraser 08:4109:4117:5318:58
Solihull Town Centre (Stop SK) 08:4209:4217:5418:59
Solihull Station Interchange (Stand B) 08:4509:4517:5719:02

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