662 - Winchester - Romsey

A service operated by Stagecoach South (SCHM)


Monday to Friday, College Days only days


Shootash Crossroads (NW-bound) 07:20
Shootash Dunwood Manor (NW-bound) 07:21
Doctor’s Hill, opp Newtown Road 07:22
Sherfield English, adj Hatchet Inn 07:23
Sherfield English, opp Graemar Cottages 07:24
Sherfield English Melchet Lodge (NW-bound) 07:25
Sherfield English, opp Bunny Lane 07:26
Cowesfield Green Cowesfield Lodge (W-bound) 07:28
Cowesfield Green, opp Greenways Cottage 07:28
Whiteparish, opp Meadow Court 07:29
Whiteparish, opp Village Hall 07:29
Whiteparish, o/s All Saints School 07:31
Whiteparish Brympton Riding Stables (S-bound) 07:31
Whiteparish Barters Farm (SE-bound) 07:32
Whiteparish Copse Corner (SW-bound) 07:33
Landfordwood The Old Forge (SE-bound) 07:34
Landfordwood Stock Lane (S-bound) 07:35
Landford The Pound (SE-bound) 07:37
Landford, opp Royal Jaipur 07:37
Landford Bridge (SE-bound) 07:37
Landford, o/s Elm Farm 07:38
Plaitford, opp Service Station 07:40
Plaitford Village Hall (E-bound) 07:41
Plaitford Maurys Lane (E-bound) 07:42
W Wellow Slab Lane (SE-bound) 07:43
W Wellow Canada Corner (SE-bound) 07:44
W Wellow Chatmohr (SE-bound) 07:44
Blackhill Road (opp) 07:46
W Wellow Whinwhistle Corner (SE-bound) 07:46
Blackhill Salisbury Lodge (SE-bound) 07:47
Wigley, nr Shelley Lane 07:50
Romsey Bus Station (Stop B) 08:00
Romsey Linden Road (Stop J) 08:01
Romsey, opp Mountbatten Avenue 08:02
Romsey, opp Robert Whitworth Drive 08:07
Cupernham, opp Robert Whitworth Drive 08:07
Cupernham, adj Richmond Lane 08:08
Cupernham, opp Homefield 08:08
Cupernham, opp Mercer Way 08:09
Romsey, opp Great Well Drive 08:09
Romsey, opp The Crescent 08:11
Woodley, opp Viney Avenue 08:12
Woodley Campion Drive (NE-bound) 08:13
Crampmoor St Swithun's Church (SE-bound) 08:13
Crampmoor Lane (opp) 08:13
Crampmoor Woodlands (NE-bound) 08:14
Crampmoor South Holmes Copse (NE-bound) 08:15
Crampmoor Jermyns Lane (E-bound) 08:15
Ampfield Pound Lane (SE-bound) 08:17
Ampfield, opp White Horse 08:17
Ampfield Green Pond Lane (NE-bound) 08:17
Ampfield Potters Heron Inn (E-bound) 08:19
Ratlake, opp Lake Court 08:19
Hursley, opp Poles Lane 08:22
Hursley Kings Head Inn (NW-bound) 08:23
Standon IBM Main Entrance (N-bound) 08:24
Standon Farm (N-bound) 08:27
Pitt Millers Lane (NE-bound) 08:33
Pitt Yew Tree Cottage (NE-bound) 08:34
Pitt Village (NE-bound) 08:36
Pitt P&R (NE-bound) 08:38
Stanmore Battery Hill (NE-bound) 08:40
Sleepers Hill (NE-bound) 08:41
Fulflood Stockbridge Road (E-bound) 08:47
Fulflood, adj Eastacre 08:49
Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 08:50


Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 16:45
Fulflood, opp Eastacre 16:45
Sleepers Hill (SW-bound) 16:55
Stanmore Battery Hill (SW-bound) 16:57
Pitt P&R (SW-bound) 16:57
Pitt Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:58
Pitt Village (SW-bound) 16:58
Pitt Yew Tree Cottage (SW-bound) 16:59
Pitt Millers Lane (SW-bound) 16:59
Standon Farm (S-bound) 17:02
Standon IBM Main Entrance (S-bound) 17:03
Hursley Kings Head Inn (S-bound) 17:04
Hursley, adj Poles Lane 17:04
Ratlake, adj Lake Court 17:07
Ampfield Potters Heron Inn (NW-bound) 17:08
Ampfield Green Pond Lane (SW-bound) 17:09
Ampfield, o/s White Horse 17:10
Ampfield Pound Lane (NW-bound) 17:10
Crampmoor Jermyns Lane (W-bound) 17:12
Crampmoor South Holmes Copse (SW-bound) 17:13
Crampmoor Woodlands (SW-bound) 17:14
Crampmoor Lane (adj) 17:14
Crampmoor St Swithun's Church (NW-bound) 17:15
Woodley Campion Drive (SW-bound) 17:16
Woodley, adj Viney Avenue 17:16
Romsey, adj The Crescent 17:17
Romsey Hospital (o/s) 17:18
Romsey, adj Great Well Drive 17:19
Cupernham, adj Mercer Way 17:19
Cupernham, opp Durban Close 17:20
Cupernham, opp Richmond Lane 17:20
Cupernham, adj Robert Whitworth Drive 17:21
Romsey, adj Robert Whitworth Drive 17:22
Romsey, adj Mountbatten Avenue 17:27
Romsey Linden Road (Stop H) 17:30
Romsey Bus Station (Stop B) 17:32
Shootash Embley Park Lodge (NW-bound) 17:37
Shootash Crossroads (NW-bound) 17:40
Shootash Dunwood Manor (NW-bound) 17:40
Doctor’s Hill, opp Newtown Road 17:41
Sherfield English, adj Hatchet Inn 17:43
Sherfield English, opp Graemar Cottages 17:44
Sherfield English Melchet Lodge (NW-bound) 17:44
Sherfield English, opp Bunny Lane 17:45
Cowesfield Green Cowesfield Lodge (W-bound) 17:47
Cowesfield Green, opp Greenways Cottage 17:47
Whiteparish, opp Meadow Court 17:48
Whiteparish, opp Village Hall 17:49
Whiteparish, o/s All Saints School 17:50
Whiteparish Brympton Riding Stables (S-bound) 17:50
Whiteparish Barters Farm (SE-bound) 17:51
Whiteparish Copse Corner (SW-bound) 17:52
Landfordwood The Old Forge (SE-bound) 17:53
Landfordwood Stock Lane (S-bound) 17:53
Landford The Pound (SE-bound) 17:55
Landford, opp Royal Jaipur 17:55
Landford Bridge (SE-bound) 17:55
Landford, o/s Elm Farm 17:56
Plaitford, opp Service Station 17:57
Plaitford Village Hall (E-bound) 17:58
Plaitford Maurys Lane (E-bound) 17:58
W Wellow Slab Lane (SE-bound) 17:59
W Wellow Canada Corner (SE-bound) 18:00
W Wellow Chatmohr (SE-bound) 18:00
Blackhill Road (opp) 18:01
W Wellow Whinwhistle Corner (SE-bound) 18:02
Blackhill Salisbury Lodge (SE-bound) 18:02
Wigley, nr Shelley Lane 18:05

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 8 April 2021

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