461 - Winchester Bus Station - Lord's Hill Lord's Hill Centre

Operated by Stagecoach South

Winchester Bus Station - Lord's Hill Lord's Hill Centre

Winchester Bus Station (Stand G) 14:4516:45
Winchester, adj Upper Brook Street 14:4716:47
Winchester The Arc (Stop Tb) 14:4916:49
Winchester City Road (Stop Ra) 14:5016:50
Fulflood, adj Boscobel Road 14:5516:55
Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 14:5716:57
Fulflood, opp Eastacre 14:5716:57
Sleepers Hill (SW-bound) 15:0117:02
Stanmore, adj Battery Hill 15:0117:03
Pitt P&R (SW-bound) 15:0217:04
Pitt Roundabout (SW-bound) 15:0317:05
Pitt Village (SW-bound) 15:0317:06
Pitt Yew Tree Cottage (SW-bound) 15:0517:07
Standon Farm (S-bound) 15:0817:12
Hursley IBM Main Entrance (S-bound) 15:0917:14
Hursley Kings Head Inn (S-bound) 15:1017:15
Hursley, adj Poles Lane 15:1117:16
Hocombe Drive (SE-bound) 15:1517:21
Hocombe, opp Ashdown Drive 15:1617:23
Hiltingbury Randall Road (S-bound) 15:1617:24
Hiltingbury Nichol Road (W-bound) 15:1717:24
Hiltingbury Heathfield Road (SW-bound) 15:1717:25
Hiltingbury, adj Ashdown Shops 15:1817:26
Hiltingbury Rec (E-bound) 15:1817:27
Hiltingbury Pine Road (SE-bound) 15:2017:28
Hiltingbury, opposite Pine Crescent 15:2017:28
Hiltingbury Linden Grove (opp 134) 15:2117:30
Chandler’s Ford, nr Valley Road 15:2217:30
Chandler’s Ford Cypress Grove (SW-bound) 15:2217:31
Chandler’s Ford, opp Heathlands Road 15:2317:31
Chandler’s Ford Ramalley Lane (NW-bound) 15:2417:32
Chandler’s Ford Cuckoo Bushes Lane (NW-bound) 15:2517:33
Millers Dale The Deanery (near) 15:2617:35
Millers Dale Nature Reserve (N-bound) 15:2717:36
Millers Dale Ashbridge Rise (NW-bound) 15:2717:36
Millers Dale, nr Baddesley Bridge 15:2817:37
Valley Park Katrine Crescent (SE-bound) 15:2917:39
Valley Park Knightwood Road (SE-bound) 15:3017:40
Valley Park Wood End Way (W-bound) 15:3117:41
Valley Park Sir Galahad Road (SW-bound) 15:3217:42
Valley Park Harvest Road (NW-bound) 15:3217:42
Valley Park Bird Field (NE-bound) 15:3317:43
Valley Park Catmint Close (SE-bound) 15:3417:44
Valley Park Field View (SE-bound) 15:3417:44
Valley Park Wood End Way (E-bound) 15:3517:45
Valley Park Alderwood Avenue (E-bound) 15:3517:45
Valley Park Lambourn Square (S-bound) 15:3617:46
Valley Park Stinchar Drive (W-bound) 15:3717:47
Valley Park Chidden Holt (SW-bound) 15:3817:48
Valley Park Pilgrims Close (SW-bound) 15:3917:49
Valley Park, adj Raglan Close 15:3917:49
North Baddesley Misslebrook Lane (W-bound) 15:4317:53
North Baddesley, outside Infant School 15:4517:55
North Baddesley, opp Edwina Close 15:4517:55
North Baddesley Brook Close (SW-bound) 15:4617:56
North Baddesley Brownhill Road (SW-bound) 15:4717:57
North Baddesley Winstone Crescent (SE-bound) 15:4817:58
North Baddesley Packridge Lane (S-bound) 15:4817:58
North Baddesley Kiln Farm Riding School (SW-bound) 15:4917:59
Rownhams, nr Motorway Bridge 15:5018:00
Rownhams Routs Way (S-bound) 15:5118:01
Rownhams Horns Drove (W-bound) 15:5118:01
Rownhams Hurricane Drive (W-bound) 15:5218:02
Rownhams Balmoral Way (SE-bound) 15:5318:03
Rownhams, adj Betteridge Drive 15:5318:03
Rownhams The Balmoral (SE-bound) 15:5418:04
Lord’s Hill Lennox Close (SW-bound) 15:5818:08
Lord’s Hill Sutherland Road (SE-bound) 15:5918:09
Lord's Hill Centre (Stop LB) 16:0018:10

Lord's Hill Lord's Hill Centre - Winchester Bus Station

Lord's Hill Centre (Stop LA) 07:3009:40
Lord’s Hill Sutherland Road (NW-bound) 07:3009:40
Lord’s Hill Lennox Close (NE-bound) 07:3109:41
Rownhams The Balmoral (NW-bound) 07:3409:44
Rownhams Balmoral Way (NW-bound) 07:3509:45
Rownhams, adj West Ways Close - Sch Only 07:3509:45
Rownhams, opp Betteridge Drive 07:3609:46
Rownhams Hurricane Drive (NE-bound) 07:3709:47
Rownhams Horns Drove (E-bound) 07:3809:48
Rownhams Routs Way (N-bound) 07:3809:48
Rownhams, adj Motorway Bridge 07:3909:49
North Baddesley Kiln Farm Riding School (NE-bound) 07:4109:51
North Baddesley Packridge Lane (N-bound) 07:4109:51
North Baddesley Winstone Crescent (NW-bound) 07:4309:53
North Baddesley Brook Close (NE-bound) 07:4309:53
North Baddesley The Vineyards (NE-bound) 07:4409:54
North Baddesley, opp Infant School 07:4509:55
North Baddesley Misslebrook Lane (E-bound) 07:4609:56
Valley Park, opp Raglan Close 07:4909:59
Valley Park Pilgrims Close (NE-bound) 07:4909:59
Valley Park Chidden Holt (NE-bound) 07:5010:00
Valley Park Stinchar Drive (E-bound) 07:5110:01
Valley Park Lambourn Square (N-bound) 07:5210:02
Valley Park Alderwood Avenue (W-bound) 07:5210:02
Valley Park Wood End Way (W-bound) 07:5310:03
Valley Park Sir Galahad Road (SW-bound) 07:5410:04
Valley Park Harvest Road (NW-bound) 07:5410:04
Valley Park Bird Field (NE-bound) 07:5510:05
Valley Park Catmint Close (SE-bound) 07:5610:06
Valley Park Field View (SE-bound) 07:5710:07
Valley Park Wood End Way (E-bound) 07:5810:08
Valley Park Knightwood Road (NW-bound) 07:5910:08
Valley Park Katrine Crescent (NW-bound) 08:0110:10
Millers Dale, adj Baddesley Bridge 08:0410:13
Millers Dale Ashbridge Rise (SE-bound) 08:0510:13
Millers Dale Nature Reserve (S-bound) 08:0610:14
Millers Dale, adj The Deanery 08:0710:15
Millers Dale, adj Lauriston Drive 08:0810:16
Chandler’s Ford Cuckoo Bushes Lane (SE-bound) 08:0910:17
Chandler’s Ford Ramalley Lane (SE-bound) 08:1010:18
Chandler’s Ford Valley Road (N-bound) 08:1210:20
Hiltingbury, adj Linden Grove 08:1310:21
Hiltingbury Pine Crescent (adjacent) 08:1410:22
Hiltingbury Pine Road (NW-bound) 08:1510:22
Hiltingbury, opp Ashdown Shops 08:1710:24
Hiltingbury Heathfield Road (NE-bound) 08:1810:25
Hiltingbury Nichol Road (E-bound) 08:1910:25
Hiltingbury Randall Road (N-bound) 08:1910:26
Hocombe, adj Ashdown Drive 08:2010:26
Hocombe Drive (NW-bound) 08:2210:27
Ladwell, opp Compton Down Lane 08:2510:30
Ladwell Main Road (N-bound) 08:2610:30
Hursley, opp Poles Lane 08:2810:31
Hursley Kings Head Inn (NW-bound) 08:2910:32
Hursley IBM Main Entrance (N-bound) 08:3110:33
Standon Farm (N-bound) 08:3310:35
Pitt Yew Tree Cottage (NE-bound) 08:3710:38
Pitt Village (NE-bound) 08:3910:40
Pitt P&R (NE-bound) 08:4110:41
Stanmore, opp Battery Hill 08:4210:42
Sleepers Hill (NE-bound) 08:4310:43
Fulflood Stockbridge Road (E-bound) 08:4710:46
Fulflood, adj Eastacre 08:4810:46
Fulflood Peter Symonds (inside) 08:4910:47
Fulflood, nr Boscobel Road 08:5010:48
Winchester, adj Worthy Lane 08:5310:51
Winchester City Road (Stop Rd) 08:5410:52
Winchester North Walls (SE-bound) 08:5510:53
Winchester Bus Station (Drop Off) 08:5710:55

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 7 June 2024

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