204 - Dundee Whitehall Street - Dryburgh Linton Road

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Dundee Whitehall Street - Dryburgh Linton Road

Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 3) 09:45then hourly until14:45
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 2) 09:4514:45
Dundee, at Queens Hotel 09:4614:46
West End, opp Airlie Place 09:4714:47
Riverside, opp Westfield Place 09:4814:48
Riverside, opp Step Row 09:5014:50
Riverside, opp Shepherds Loan 09:5014:50
Riverside, at Minto Place 09:5114:51
Riverside, opp Windsor Street 09:5114:51
Logie, opp Gowrie Street 09:5214:52
Logie Shaftesbury Terrace (near) 09:5214:52
Logie, opp Abbotsford Place 09:5314:53
Logie, opp Seymour Street 09:5314:53
Logie Avenue (near) 09:5414:54
Balgay, at Ashbank Road 09:5514:55
Balgay, opp Scott Street 09:5514:55
Balgay, at City Road 09:5614:56
Balgay Saggar Street (near) 09:5614:56
Balgay City Road (near) 09:5614:56
Balgay, at Ancrum Drive 09:5714:57
Lochee, at Ancrum Road 09:5814:58
Lochee East, opp Cobden Street 09:5814:58
Lawside Road (near) 09:5914:59
Lochee East, at Fullarton Street 10:0015:00
Lochee East, at Gordon Street 10:0015:00
Lochee East, at Coupar Street 10:0015:00
Lochee, opp High Street 10:0315:03
Lochee, at Adamsons Court 10:0315:03
Lochee High Street (near) 10:0515:05
Lochee, at Sinclair Street 10:0515:05
Lochee East, at Coupar Angus Road 10:0615:06
Lochee East, opp Tofthill Place 10:0715:07
Lochee East Foggyley Gardens (near) 10:0715:07
Lochee East, opp Foggyley gardens 10:0915:09
Lochee East Tofthill Place (near) 10:0915:09
Lochee East Coupar Angus Road (near) 10:0915:09
Lochee West, opp Landsdowne Place 10:1015:10
Lochee West, at Park Hotel 10:1115:11
Dryburgh Langshaw Road (near) 10:1215:12
Dryburgh Street (opp) 10:1315:13

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 24 November 2022

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