57C - Dundee - Perth

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSPH)


Monday to Friday, College term only days only


Rattray, at Glenshee Drive 07:29
Rattray, at Glenisla Court 07:29
Rattray, opp Glendevon Court 07:30
Rattray, at House No 159 07:30
Rattray, at Play Park 07:31
Rattray, at Ferguson Park Road 07:32
Rattray, at Park 07:32
Rattray, opp Balmoral Road 07:33
Rattray, at Boat Brae 07:34
Blairgowrie, at Tesco 07:35
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (All Stances) 07:36s
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (Stance C) 07:41
Blairgowrie, at Tesco 07:41
Blairgowrie, opp Emma Street 07:41
Blairgowrie, at Manor Gardens 07:42
Blairgowrie, opp Douglas Road 07:42
Blairgowrie, at Moyness Park Drive 07:43
Blairgowrie, opp Woodlands Park 07:43
Rosemount, opp Littleblair Drive 07:44
Rosemount Gardens (opp) 07:44
Rosemount, opp Golf Course Road 07:44
Rosemount, at Myreriggs Road 07:47
Coupar Angus Bendochy Crossroads (S-bound) 07:49
Coupar Angus, opp Butterybank Road 07:51
Coupar Angus, opp Bogside Road 07:52
Coupar Angus, at Bank Of Scotland 07:53
Coupar Angus, opp George Square 07:54
Coupar Angus, opp Factory 07:54
Burrelton, opp Mains of Keithick Farm 07:56
Woodside, opp Cherrybank 07:57
Woodside, opp Hawthorn Cottage 07:58
Woodside, at Hall Crescent 07:58
Burrelton, opp Post Office 07:59
Burrelton, at Gray Park 07:59
Burrelton, at Newmill Road End 08:00
Burrelton, at Springfield Road End 08:00
Saucher Redstone Crossroads (S-bound) 08:02
Kinrossie road end (at) 08:05
Balbeggie, opp Dunsinnan Estate Road End 08:06
Balbeggie, at Rosefield 08:06
Balbeggie, at Rashiehall 08:07
Balbeggie, opp Burnside Road 08:09
Balbeggie, at Laurieston 08:09
Balbeggie, opp Church 08:09
Scone, opp Annatybank 08:11
Scone, opp Perth Airport 08:11
Scone, opp Highfield Road 08:13
Scone, opp Murray Road 08:14
Scone, opp Mansfield Road 08:16
Scone, at Bonhard Road 08:17
Scone, at Cemetery 08:18
Scone, at Murrayshall Road End 08:20
Gannochy, at Whinniemuir Cottages 08:22
Gannochy, at Fitzroy Terrace 08:24
Gannochy, opp Comleybank 08:25
Bridgend, opp Strathmore Street 08:26
Bridgend Court (opp) 08:27
Perth Charlotte Street (Stop ZQ) 08:30
Perth Kinnoull Street (Stop S) 08:31s
Perth Mill Street (Stop D) 08:32
Perth Barrack Street (Stop ZR) 08:35
Muirton, at Royal Bank of Scotland 08:37
Muirton, at Viewfield Place 08:39
Hillyland, at Unity Terrace 08:42
Hillyland, at College 08:46
Operates on Perth College college days only.


Hillyland, opp College 16:20
Hillyland, opp Unity Terrace 16:22
Muirton, opp Viewfield Place 16:23
Muirton, opp Royal Bank of Scotland 16:24
Perth, opp Retail Park 16:25
Bridgend Court (at) 16:29
Bridgend, at Strathmore Street 16:30
Gannochy, at Comleybank 16:31
Gannochy, opp Fitzroy Terrace 16:32
Gannochy, opp Whinniemuir Cottages 16:33
Scone, opp Murrayshall Road End 16:34
Scone, opp Cemetery 16:35
Scone, opp Bonhard Road 16:36
Scone, at Mansfield Road 16:38
Scone, at Murray Road 16:40
Scone, at Highfield Road 16:40
Scone, at Perth Airport 16:42
Scone, at Annatybank 16:43
Balbeggie, at Church 16:45
Balbeggie, opp Laurieston 16:45
Balbeggie, at Burnside Road 16:46
Balbeggie, opp Rashiehall 16:46
Balbeggie, opp Rosefield 16:47
Balbeggie, at Dunsinnan Estate Road End 16:47
Kinrossie road end (opp) 16:48
Saucher Redstone Crossroads (N-bound) 16:50
Burrelton, opp Springfield Road End 16:51
Burrelton, opp Newmill Road End 16:52
Burrelton, opp Gray Park 16:52
Burrelton, at Post Office 16:53
Woodside, at Station Road 16:53
Woodside, at Inn 16:54
Woodside, at Cherrybank 16:54
Burrelton, at Mains of Keithick Farm 16:56
Coupar Angus, at Factory 16:58
Coupar Angus, at George Place 16:58
Coupar Angus, at George Square 16:59
Coupar Angus, at Library 16:59
Coupar Angus, at Bogside Road 16:59
Coupar Angus, at Butterybank Road 17:00
Coupar Angus Bendochy Crossroads (N-bound) 17:02
Rosemount, opp Myreriggs Road 17:04
Rosemount, at Golf Course Road 17:06
Rosemount Gardens (at) 17:07
Rosemount, at Littleblair Drive 17:07
Blairgowrie, at Woodlands Park 17:07
Blairgowrie, opp Moyness Park Drive 17:08
Blairgowrie, at Douglas Road 17:08
Blairgowrie, opp Manor Gardens 17:08
Blairgowrie, at Emma Street 17:09
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (All Stances) 17:10s
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (Stance B) 17:11
Rattray, at Balmoral Road 17:12
Rattray, opp Sidlaw Road 17:12
Rattray, opp Park 17:13
Rattray, at Glenshee Drive 17:14
Rattray, at Glenisla Court 17:14
Rattray, opp Glendevon Court 17:14
Rattray, at House No 159 17:14
Rattray, at Play Park 17:15
Rattray, at Ferguson Park Road 17:15
Rattray, at Park 17:16
Operates on Perth College college days only.

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 12 February 2021

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